Walk down That Path

Walk down That Path

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Banana Apple Smoothie

In honor of Monday, coming too fast tomorrow, why not start off your day with a delicious healthy smoothie?

I've started replacing my early Monday coffee with this kick-butt fruity green drink. While our little affairs with coffee aren't meant to be over, this little smoothie will get you awake faster, give you tons of energy, plus it's full of vitamins to help start your morning/week on the right foot!

If you're the type to ignore the alarm that went off just to caress your pillow a weeee bit more before getting up (like me), you can prepare this drink no prob the night before! Put it in the fridge, take it to go in the morning, shake it like you mean it and voilà!

Here is my personal recipe:

1 banana (as ripe as possible)
1 green apple cut into chunks
A handful of spinach
Water (pour in the mixer until the banana, apple chunks and about half your spinach are soaked - or add the amount you desire - experiment to your taste!)

Note: Why not add a little vanilla soy type yogurt and/or a little honey as you desire? It adds that extra creamy and sugar taste that I LOVE.

You can also replace the water or do a mix of water with any juice (water/cranberry is nice) or even with almond milk.

If you don't leave your drink overnight in the fridge and you're gonna drink it right out of the blender but want a cool drink, cut the banana into pieces beforehand and put into the freeze.

So try this, don't be afraid to experiment until you find the taste and consistency that will just keep your body asking for more!

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